Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Mini Minty Meatballs

These go great with picnicky foods and best served cold (that is of course providing you do not eat them all first!) Have made these twice and each time gone down extremely well!

Approx quantities - Makes 30 roughly...

250g Really good seasoned pork sausagement - I always use one from the Butchers and is superb - skip all the supermarket ones!
8-10 Fresh mint leaves
1 egg*
2 tbsp breadcrumbs
Plain flour for dusting

1) Firstly lay out 1-2 trays and cover with foil and prepare a bowl of hot soapy water

2) Finely shred the mint leaves and mix everything in a bowl (exc flour) *note: you may not need all the egg, just enough to bind

3) Flour your hands and using a teaspoon take about 2/3 tsp of the mix and roll into a ball, dust in flour and place on tray, repeat with remainder, does take quite a while but is worth it!

4) When they are all ready you can either chill / freeze until needed or cook straightaway

5) To cook, take a large saute pan / lidded frying pan and heat 2 tbsp veg oil, add the meatballs carefully keeping apart, will take about 15 mins to cook, keep turning so that they brown all over, then drain on kitchen paper

Serve with other mixed dishes for a casual evening meal or picnic

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