This is a cut down version of a blog I posted on 11 June 2016.

Last week Anne's Kitchen entered new food territory... albeit I think I am currently in the 'terror' part! Following roughly 16, maybe 17 years of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), all the joy that it brought which on a food blog frankly I don't want to divulge too much but has resulted in surgery, more than once rectifying issues, then throw in some GORD (Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) and managing to then add a little Fibromyalgia in to the mix; they have taken away a lot of the joy that food and drink can bring. Blogging has become really difficult too, so many recipes I love I can no longer have and I've developed sensitivity to several foods, weirdly Kiwi fruit is completely on the no-no list despite a lifetime of eating them! However, I am a determined woman and wont let it get the better of me!!

Towards the end of last year all the gastro symptoms came to a head and I lost weight as well as being generally fatigued and totally off my food, fast forward a few months, various invasive gastro tests that didn't show much other than grade B oesophagitis I met with a lovely Dietitian last week and am now going to try out the FODMAP diet, with the view to sorting out a lot of my issues. If you want to find out more about it, the Kings College website is a good start. The diet originated in Australia and now seems to be gaining momentum worldwide. FODMAP stands for Fermentable, Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides And Polyols- and basically means that short chain carbs do not get digested very well and have their own little party without your permission.

As I had already meal planned last week, I stayed fairly on plan but was able to adjust a few dishes easily. At the moment, 5 days in I am up to about 80% on plan and running halfway between determination and getting a little too emotional whilst shopping. Next week when I go all in is going either make me or break me. This evening in particular almost resulted in a meltdown after getting home and realised the gluten free breadcrumbs had gram flour in. In the end I used them but will now be resigned to when I am back in the re-introducing phase, I'll follow the diet for 4 weeks, then re-introduce and see what happens!

The actual list of what I can and can't have is daunting. Roughly my diet will be gluten free, wheat free, lactose free and a reduction in dairy. The dairy bit is easy, I already use either almond or soya milk the majority of the time (made a huge difference to the reflux), apart from my endless cups of tea, though hopefully I will adjust to the different flavour. Also, no leeks, beans, pulses, onions  or garlic too. A little awkward when you mostly eat a plant based diet. Out of everything I think no garlic may break my spirit. I love garlic and the thought of a month is gonna be tough! A lot of the fruit I like is also on what I am referring to as the naughty list. However, I must keep strong, remember why I am doing this and focus on what I can eat!!

Join me on my journey - I am off the mind set that food is medicine and with it I will either at least heal, or calm my body along the way!

Curried Corned Beef Hash

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