Competitions and Giveaways

A home to all my competitions and giveaways:

Ferrero Rocher Pyramid Ends 15/12

500 Cupcakes book  Ends 15/12

500g of Basaar spice mix  Ends 09/12 **NOW CLOSED**

Brita Marella Jug in your colour choice  Ends 14/12

Freedom Food Celebrity Recipe collection  Ends 10/12 **NOW CLOSED**

Godiva Stocking  Ends: 12/12 **NOW CLOSED**

Baru Marshmallow and Chai set  Ends: 11/12 **NOW CLOSED**

Bella Whole Fruit Juicer  Ends 09/12 **NOW CLOSED**

Organic Coconut and Date Bars - closes 31/07/14

Cake book - CLOSED

Thomson Cruise - CLOSED

Dairy Diary - CLOSED

Specialty Beer - CLOSED

Knorr Box - CLOSED

Hotel Chocolat - CLOSED

Macarons book - CLOSED

Dorset Cereals - CLOSED

Sadly you can't win Mr Mushcatzuma but he might bring a smile to your day!

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