Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Oven worries...

Whilst I am loving the new home, the oven is getting the better of me!! Appears to be a fan (which you cant turn off...) and all my cakes are burning, even when turned down!

I made Bara Brith for example on sunday from 'What mother used to make' book and instead of the recomended time of 1.5 hours it was overcooked in 45 minutes! and that was at 20o less!

Even my favourite lemon drizzle cake got torched!

Might just have to give in and read the instruction manual.......

03.03.08 - Our main ovens thermostatic has broken and we are currently awaiting the engineer...proving fun!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Annes Kitchen has moved!

Well we are finally in our new home and it is lovely! Can't wait to get back in the kitchen and cooking again!

Very luckily new place has a nice big kitchen, complete with a double oven!! Its like Christmas has come early!

Cooking our first meal tonight, have some sandwich steaks which I am going to season and quickly pan fry, serving with sauteed cabbage and either new potatoes or pasta, and some squished tomatoes with a dash of balsamic vinegar mmmm

Thinking of making a chicken pie for tomorrows dinner...will see what the dearest fancies!
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