Meal Planning

Welcome to the world of Meal planning! It takes a little thought..but when you have a busy life its essential! Not only as you can feel semi-organised but also less likely to waste food - it might even save you money too!

The best way to do this, unless you have a superb memory is make an excel document up - here is a snapshot of mine - yes mine is rather detailed - however I work shifts and plan all the food shopping etc but adapt the plan to suit your lifestyle. I will be honest in that it is merely a plan - and not set in stone so don't feel guilty if you don't stick word perfect to it! 

Before making my plan, I poke my head in the cupboards and check the fridge and freezer - I normally have a rough idea what's in them (my friend Excel!) but there always seems to be the odd item that slips through the net! I then check our plans for the week, look at my work diary and rummage through whatever recipes I might of recently culled from a magazine or flick through the mass of bookmarked recipes! I used to keep a sheet of dishes I wanted to make but that's neglected nowadays as I sold a lot of cookery books when I moved house and use the internet a lot instead. Also up my sleeve (well in my head!) is what I know I can cook already and the plan starts forming!

This link will take you to all my meal Plans and here are a few examples to get you started:

16th December 2013

Monday - Sausages, with roasted new potatoes and garlic laced courgettes

Tuesday - Leftover Sausages, with either tomato and pasta sauce or sausage carbonara - we have lots of eggs and cheese in so might be the latter!

Wednesday - Mini fish pies, with most likely green beans or buttered spinach

Thursday - Cheese, tomato and Pepper Pitta Pizza's

Friday - not 100% sure but possibly an omelette or fish fingers

4th November 2013

Monday - tonight we are going out for a Chinese meal

Tuesday - Sweet potato burgers

Wednesday - The frozen fishy fiends..(aka fish fingers)

Thursday - Sundried Tomato and Pesto Frittata 

Friday - B is out for dinner..I am on a long day..most likely noodles or omelette

Saturday - Slow braised pork shoulder Chinese style, with rice

Sunday - Leftover pork shredded into noodles

28th October 2013

Monday - Fridge standby - Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini with garlic bread

Tuesday - Sicilian Squash and Chickpea stew, with couscous from the new Jamie money saving book..

Wednesday - Spicy Chicken, chorizo, sweet potato and rice dish (needs a nicer name!)

Thursday - Veggie Lentil stew from freezer with chickpea pancakes

Friday - Chinese pork with noodles and stir fried veg

So there you have it! Happy planning and let me know how you get on!



  1. Hi Anne,

    I completely agree with you. I believe that meal planning is essential and should be in every home. Having a meal plan allows you to eat healthily, eliminate meal-time stress, reduce food waste and save money. I've actually developed a meal planner from my own research with families at my cookery school. You can find it at if you wish.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Sian - I will check out sour plan thanks!


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