Thursday, 25 September 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well after just over 2 weeks I am finally back on British soil, though quite
regretably as Mexico was just fantastic, would recommend to anyone for a holiday!

Here is a piccie of our first meal outside the hotel - Beef Fajitas at a small slightly unhygienic looking Mexican roadside restaurant!

I did manage to eat my body weight in lots of lovely food but not much wine as was a bit vinegary for me! However did make good use of the bar and became marginally addicted to blue lagoon 'slushies'! Our hotel was all-inclusive so I never went hungry with the various restaurants being open from 7am for breakfast until about 2am for the snack bar!

Despite eating lots of Mexican food we had a few other cuisines, including a visit to a fantastic Japanese restaurant where everything was cooked to order in front of us!

This was our great sushi starter of pickled ginger with wasabi, king prawn on a quenelle of rice, courgette fritters, little rolls of cucumber and cream cheese wrapped in rice and sesame seeds and a lightly cured fish (I think it was Tuna!) with shredded courgette and carrots:

An intermediary course of mushroom and tofu miso soup:

Then this picture also came out bad but it was a lush Japanese rice dish with mixed vegetables and eggs, cooked also on the hotplate:

This was my giant sized portion of beef fillet steak with oyster sauce, cooked on the hotplate (rather embarrassingly I couldn't finish it!):

I didn't manage to get a picture of dessert as it was melting so quickly but I had deep fried vanilla ice-cream! Was very tasty but fun to eat!

That's all for now as the jet-lag is catching up but will try and add later!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Out of Office

This is my last post for the next few weeks, as I am finally flying to Mexico tomorrow morning! This is of course provided that the current Hurricane Ike doesn't affect our flight out! So far the airline say it is fine but just in case have given me another number to call later to double check....

I had a very successful cooking weekend, made Italian bread rolls which were great and also made a lush apple pie and roast pork & the trimmings (and my own apple sauce - yum!), thought I would have one final traditional homely meal before subjecting myself to the delights of Mexican food that await me!

I will of course let you know upon my return what we find!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 was very kind to nominate my blog for the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 so thank you!

Keeping the ball rolling, I have to follow the rules and pass on to 7 worthy blogs:

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Has Winter arrived already?

Sitting here looking out of the window is not pretty sight today, puddles and raindrops and a blanket of grey clouds, what has happened to our weather, September used to be lovely and warm - instead of summer clothes I have my comfy cardigan on! At least this time next week I will be in (hopefully) sunny Mexico and not needing the cardie anymore!

All this miserable weather makes me think of warming comfort food! Last night I made a vat of my pearl barley 'risotto' with petit pois and chorizo in as we had guests over, I left for an extra 30 minutes to cook and was worth the wait as the barley released its goodness and was all gooey! I even sneaked in a cheeky handful of parmesan but that was more to do with the fact I still am in love with my new microplane graters! Also I made up a one pot style dish using up a mix of wild rice and long grain, added in a sliced red pepper, shredded leeks, red onion and two sandwich steaks I found in the freezer, roughly chopped and added at the end with beef stock, was quite tasty and made a nice lunch for me today.

I think the slow cooker is going to be dusted off shortly and wintery casseroles back on the menu!
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