Sunday, 30 August 2009

More cookery books...

Hello my name is Anne and I *love* cookery books. I am now on 105. How did this happen! 5 years ago I only had 3!!

Seriously, I can't resist them. I don't feel alone though, this does seem to be popular 'hobby'. You can find like minded souls over at the fab UKFBA Website, its well worth a visit!

Unfortunately the bookshelves are now fit to bursting. And this week brought 3 more to find space for. One was donated to me by a friend, its an older book called A Meal in A Minute, by Annette Wolter. Think along the lines of Delia's 'How to Cheat' but slightly more interesting/ disturbing..My least favourite (there are several!) is a soup suggestion consisting of a can/ bag of potato soup, combined with a tin of corned beef and topped with slices of fried onion and peppers. Makes me shudder just to think about the appearance, yet alone the taste...

On the good front, my new purchases came via the local hospice shop (I keep telling myself its for a good cause, would have been wrong not to buy them both..) First up is French Leave by John Burton-Race, which is a mix of recipes and about his time in France cooking and eating. I enjoy reading foodie travel books almost as much as cookery books so am pretty pleased to have this addition! Secondly was a copy of Ainsley Harriott's Low Fat Meals in Minutes, which so far looks like a really great collection of recipes, where you wouldn't even notice they were healthy! Am really looking forward to cooking from this one, especially the lemon garlic chicken with coriander and hot grilled peaches with pistachio brittle mmm! Who would of thought low fat could still be tasty! Will of course blog any goodies!

You will notice below how our poor bookshelves are starting to bend under the weight. And yet I still can't help but buy more! Though am just as bad for other books, there are 2 further same sized bookshelves with fiction etc, though I fear some may have to be rehomed to fit the expanding cookery section!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Back soon!

Sorry about severe lack of postings - have been snowed under juggling my new job and part-time work on the side, hasn't left much time to get creative in the kitchen!!

I don't have internet access at work as I'm on the road all day, so only manage to sneak on the net occasionally now, so sorry too that I've not managed to visit many of your blogs lately!

I've been relying on too many well known cereal bars and finally picked some dried fruit and oats earlier so going to make flapjacks this week mmm! If you have a favourite recipe please send my way! Even more so if its marginally healthy!

Promise will have some new dishes on here soon, including a delish baked tomato & bechamel sauce dish that I need to re-make and remember to take pictures of!!

Hope everyone is well :)
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