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Hello, many thanks for visiting my blog!

I'm a passionate home cook who loves to create lots of mess but hates the washing up afterwards! I love to try out new recipes and ingredients, with a bargain hunter mindset at the core but with the occasional treat as life would be pretty dull otherwise!

Meal planning makes my inner geek happy (oh how I love thee Excel) and cookery books are my weakness! My collection ranges from tiny random books picked up at carboots to treasured signed chef ones!

My blog is a collection of my successes, and failures, whilst learning to cook over the past few years. I am also PR friendly and love trying out new products and gadgets. I like to make everything from Apple cake to Arrancini!

Last year, after many rough years I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - and having a good diet makes such a huge difference to my physical and mental health! I also have IBS and GORD and a few other bits n bobs but on good days I still love my cooking - and eating - its still a real passion of mine but if my blog goes quiet, its probably because of one of the above flaring!

Overall I strongly believe that great food should be at the core of our lives whether its a quick snack or a sumptuous three course feast! Sharing food brings people together and its also very important for both our physical and mental health - sitting down together to talk is such a wonderful thing to do when life gets so busy around us, so take time, cherish your loved ones and lets feast!

If you wish to contact me for anything related to Annes Kitchen:

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Sample Policy:

If you wish to send me a sample or product for review consideration - please contact me on the email address given below and I will aim to respond within seven days, if however you do not hear back its probably not of interest to me at this time...

Please note I do not guarantee to feature any sample or product received and it may instead feature on my social media channels I.e. Instagram, Facebook page - but I am also happy to provide feedback.

All recipes and photos that are featured on my blog are my own, unless otherwise stated. I am happy to share my content and images but please request permission first!

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  1. Hi Anne. I just texted you to find out if this is your site. Then I saw your profile. Congratulations on such a great site. I must send this address to my sister - she loves to cook. Take care, Una x


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