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My delicious frugal Peashoot and Ricotta Penne Pasta features in Sainsbury's Brilliantly Basic Recipes

My leftover Pork Enchiladas with Spicy Rice features in Sainbury's Lovely Recipes using your leftover Roasts 

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I took part in the Russell Hobbs Bloggers VS Fans challenge on Facebook a while back and am very grateful for everyone who voted for me! Being filmed, whilst cooking is slightly terrifying but I hope you enjoyed my videos and find them useful!

Winter Barbecue Sauce This is the ultimate sauce recipe - it contains no tomatoes surprisingly and is jam packed with flavour! Its fantastic to serve with sausages, nachos, pringles...

Banana Meringue Pie - This recipe was inspired from a battered but loved copy of Good Housekeeping, its a fabulous twist on the usual lemon version!

Spiced Cauliflower soup with chickpea raita topping this gloriously green soup is mildly spiced and delicious!
Amaretti Kisses with a Hot Chocolate Cherry sauce don't say I didn't warn you if you develop chocolate cherry cravings for the next month. This sauce is dangerously good!


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