Monday, 8 September 2008

Out of Office

This is my last post for the next few weeks, as I am finally flying to Mexico tomorrow morning! This is of course provided that the current Hurricane Ike doesn't affect our flight out! So far the airline say it is fine but just in case have given me another number to call later to double check....

I had a very successful cooking weekend, made Italian bread rolls which were great and also made a lush apple pie and roast pork & the trimmings (and my own apple sauce - yum!), thought I would have one final traditional homely meal before subjecting myself to the delights of Mexican food that await me!

I will of course let you know upon my return what we find!


  1. Hope you have a lovely time. Mexico is so colourful and the food is delish!

  2. Owww I would love to go to Mexico! Mexican is my FAVOURITE food. Have a great time and I hope you'll share all your new found recipes! xx


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