Thursday, 24 May 2007

Coffee Break

Random diary..

17/08/07 - Went to my favourite butchers today and bought a lovely 1/2 leg of lamb (for tomorrow), some nice thick slices of smoked bacon (for monday!) and 8 cumberland sausages (for dinner tonight with mash and lashings of onion gravy!)

Have a busy evening ahead, need to make the dearest's birthday cake (chocolate and coconut!) and also marinade my lamb (doing that lovely fragrant lamb again) and start on tomorrows dessert! In my head I am imagining pannacotta + dark chocolate + orange...mmm... We have guests tomorrow and apart from above am also planning to do cauliflower & parmesan soup with stick like croutons as a starter.. wish me luck!!

10/08/07: Far too long since I have been on! Unfortunately things still very busy at work and has sapped my foodie mojo somewhat!! Am trying to get it back but is difficult after a long and draining day :( Good news is that we are off to Corfu at the end of the month so hopefully lots of lovely fresh fish and relaxation!!

Have made some good dishes though including steak and kidney pie which was yummy! Also used baby courgettes recently, to much success! Simply topped and tailed then halved down the middle and pan fried in a little mild olive oil and bit of butter mmmmm

I do think its time to invest in a proper hand mixer, like the dualit one but as it comes in at nigh on £50 smackers, I start fantasising about a kenwood chef...must say no..must say noooo...

Also bought some new knives by Richardson Sheffield, just need to get a sharpening tool to keep them good!

Bad news is that due to the off-on wet then sunny weather my balcony is rather barren! All my basil has fried and the lettuces, coriander and strawberries have given up the ghost :(


24/05/07: Long time since been on unfortunately!! Been extremely busy at work as well as having a bout of food poisoning last week hasn't helped my appetite! Decided to rectify it today and making chicken pie from scratch including the pastry!! .... off now to start!


28/05/07: Weather awful outside!! Have made my favourite Banana Bread from the Avoca Cafe Cook book but replaced the pecans with choc chips mmmmmmm. My boss told me it should be made illegal it was that good!

Have made sausage casserole for tea, just waiting for the other half to come home and eat!

26/05/07: Made pannacotta from Waitrose site today, was lovely but very sweet!! Also made lamb saag as receommended by Rick Stein, was gorgeous and definately make again!

25/05/07 - Today is a good day. For my lunch I have salad ...and...gorgeous little meatballs made from my favourite sausagemeat! I had a little wedge in the freezer which I defrosted, sliced into three rounds then grilled, then quartered them. My lunchbox is screaming eat me but I must must resist till lunchtime!


24/05/07 - I am making a concentrated effort now on my blog and am quite impressed with myself... However I keep looking on other sites and want to add so much more...but where do I stop! Work is quiet so is allowing me to be on here a lot lot more than is probably healthy but ho-hum!

Just realised whilst attempting to eat my orange, I should have bought that nifty little orange penknife from Lakelands now. I have managed to get orange juice everywhere, at least the office smells nicer than normal now!!10772

Tonight I thought I would cheat for my tea tonight after spotting an attractive looking Bighams Thai Chicken Curry in Waitrose..looked great...smelt great...sadly not so great in the taste department :( .....just felt like it was missing something..heres a picture of it:

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