Monday, 21 May 2007

Lidl's Stores

Thought would make a list of our must haves from Lidl's


Smoked ham and cheese 'sausages' (remind me of Kabanos) - Really nice for nibbling on straight from the pack! lovely meaty flavour

Roasted Red Peppers (in a jar)- great for antipasti and shredding into various dishes!

Passata - Very good value and always have a keen supply, about 27p

Par-bake Ciabatta rolls - great for when we have company and only 99p for about 15 rolls!

Serrano Ham and Prosciuttio - Both very good and reasonably priced

Tortellinis - either spinach & ricotta or prosciuttio - good value at 65p and a staple in the fridge as keep for about 4 weeks

Sea Salt with built in grinder - bargain at about 60p!

Mascarpone - much cheaper than tescos and just as good, think was around 89p a tub last time

Caramel Cappuchino - great as in a tin! Nice tasting as well. (my male boss has also become strangely addicted to this stuff as well!)

Shrimp Cocktail (chiller cabinet) - Small prawns but in a nice sauce and perfect with jacket pots and salad! (strangely also nice with nachos dipped in.....)

Maple & Pecan cereal - so so good and a nice treat for breakfast! (or anytime!)

'Animation' Nuts & Crisp choc bars - Very gorgeous and individually wrapped so very handy. Permananent supply in my desk draw! Nice ratio of crisp to choc. mmm

Sirius Choco-Cornflake Cereal bars - Probably too sweet for some but I love these, nice plain choccy cornflakes dipped in a white choc base!

Cleaning Products:

Adritt Wipes - 80 large wipes in 3 different scents, good cleaning power, surfaces dry quickly after and no residue

W5 Shower Cleaner - Very good, huge bottle and no grimy residue after

W5 Cream Cleaner - very good, also large sized bottle and cleans brilliantly

Kitchen Towel (blue packaging) - Strong and absorbent, would never switch, bargain at £1.29 for four rolls! **Edited 17/12/07 - now £1.49 but still good!**


South East Austrailian Chardonnay - not seen it recently but used to be brilliant value at £3.99 - crisp and dry, exactly how I like my white wine!

Valdepenas - approx £2.79 - great little red bargain, fruity and dry, my kinda wine!

Montelpulciano D'Abruzzo - Had a few iffy bottles but 8 times out of 10 a nice fruity & dry red to go with meaty dishes. On average £2.79 a bottle!


One of the things I love about Lidl's is the weekly specials! we have had some really nice bits at great prices. Most recently picked up 3 pretty garden candles for £1.50! Similar ones sell in Homebase for double the price and thats just for one!

Also picked up the index tabs (post-it version are about £4.00) for only 99p a while back! Brilliant for bookmarking recipes in magazines!

They have now also launched a recipe website which looks good!


Recommendations from Friends and BBC Food Members:

ReynardDargent :

Smoked salmon

Also the sausages that come in a two part blister pack (about 8-10 slightly longer, but no thicker, than a finger sausages in each pack) are always a hit. They look a bit anaemic and grey when raw but colour up nicely when cooked and have always been a hit at BBQs and even when cooking for fussy godchildren etc (always a tough test)

Cotton wool is fantastic and their W5 foaming bathroom cleaner spray is as good as anything else on the market. Also their cream hand soap is great and they come in a variety of nice smells including 'sweet orange' and 'asia flair'

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