Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Photo Area

A modified tesco ham and mushroom pizza - I added red pepper, danish blue cheese and chilli oil - was lush!!

A surprise from a recent batch of leeks:

Kind of a miscellaneous area! Rest of the best appear in Flickr

Meat Sauce Moutain - stockpiling the Freezer!

A glamourous shot of the fruit bowl:

Oxtail Stew:

Spices being ground for the curry:

Lovely Lamb and Spinach Curry with pilau rice

Vanilla Pannacotta:

Spinach Mountain:

Picture of some flapjacks:

And a Pea and Salami Risotto:

My first lettuce leaves in 2007!

Home grown Basil!

My new french milk jug! Reminds me of a computer game character for some strange reason..ah I know! Was mario world perhaps...

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