Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Kitchen Kit

A list of my favourite pieces and why...

Silicon Whisk, Ikea - Is excellent as flexible so fits into bowls and pans neatly, cleans well and also being silicon doesnt melt regardless what it endures!

Large Stainless Steel Colander, Ikea - Great as catches everything and perfect for rice etc,

Hard Anodized Select Saucepans, Meyer
I love these as much as I think I will love my future children! They are excellent quality, clean brilliantly no matter what gets thrown their way! Hard wearing and heat up quickly and efficiently. Worth every single penny!

Oven Gloves -Now, I went through a lot of gloves before finding the 'One'. Introducing Lakelands Coolskin Gauntlets!!1800_10774 Really are good, no burns and you can hold a hot dish for at least 20 seconds before it gets uncomfortable.

Cake Tin liners from Lakeland are a god send! Have been using the pre-cut circles with success and a spring in my step but am awaiting a delivery of the full liners!5550_5551 lazy but worth every penny! Yes they have now arrived and waiting now to use them!!

Ordered also from Lakeland some non-scratch tongs (my new tongs are great!) and a egg thingy you place in a pan to see when they are soft, medium or hard boiled as its one of the things I suck at! (is perfect and really works!) Also ordered a vegetable mat for the fridge (seems to be doing the trick veggies keeping for ages!!.. )

Egg Slicer
Out of the several odd gadgets I love my egg slicer! My favourite way is to slice the egg long ways, then turn on its side so you have strips as such, then mix with a little salad cream and lots of black pepper mmmm

My Wish List !

A silver kenwood chef!! Have been admiring for aggggeees but just cant justify £350 on a mixer :( sooo want one though!! I NOW HAVE ONE!!! IS NOT TITANIUM BUT IT WAS FREE CAN YOU BELIEVE!!! :-)

Some new shiny knives, been looking at Global ones and quite keen... Have settled for some cheaper ones from Richardson Sheffield!

A bigger kitchen and a gas oven! (I can dream!) *Edited: Now have big kitchen and fan oven so almost there!!*

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