Saturday, 28 December 2013

Random Recipes #35 - Dare to Bare

Finally I remembered a blogging deadline - albeit at the eleventh hour but as the saying goes...better late than never....I normally remember when I see the round-up's published!

This months Random Recipes #35 challenge from Belleau Kitchen was to photograph our ingredients cupboards - initially I was like oh yes its one I can easily do...then the month flies by..we are going out the door to go on holiday and I grabbed my rather crap mobile and took a quick picture...I didn't have time to tidy up at all and am now typing this whilst sitting in my lovely Auntie's gorgeous home by the sea and wishing I had squeezed a few extra minutes in to tidy up or at least hide the value stuff!

So we have two main ingredients cupboards - the first one is only about a foot deep - here hides baskets stuffed with assorted pasta shapes, various little parcels of half finished nuts and a random collection of tinned and jarred items including mango slices, honey, garlic cloves and coconut milk. And an emergency jar of sardine and tomato paste! There's also noodles hiding in the food bag as I split the packet last time I opened them..why do they make them so awkward?!

This is the larger cupboard where all the herbs and spices live - Like Belleau Kitchen I would to be lost without my tub of Marigold Bouillon stock powder! The purple basket is a new addition in an attempt to sort out all the various shaped tub, tins and packets of herbs and spices! The re-labelled bottle on the bottom shelf is some Filipino soy sauce - me and my neighbour trade ingredients and its a great way to try new things! There are also some curry sachets shh and my secret love - a sachet of sushi ginger!

So that is Anne's Kitchen laid bare! Admittedly its not all for I have mild hoarding tendencies - there is also another stash upstairs in our hall cupboard of tinned tomatoes bought on offer (say about 20 left..) and all the baking stuff lives in another cupboard!

As mentioned above, I am on holiday so blogging is also on the back seat but I will be back soon - I have a fabulous Sausage Carbonara coming up soon!



  1. seems like the rest of us you're a bit of a hoarder.... and good to see that you live under the 'one the doors are closed who cares' philosophy!... thanks for the entry and wishing you a very happy new year x

  2. Love the way you swap ingredients with your neighbour, what great fun.

  3. I love the abundance of those shelves. A full cupboard is a joyful thing. I absolutely agree about the noodles - I'm a veteran of many split noodle packets. I'm also with you on the sushi ginger - I add it to plenty of impromptu dishes. I don't think I've ever eaten sardine and tomato paste, though. Does it help in emergencies?

  4. Yes - I often wonder that about noodle packets too. My cupboard has stray bits of noodle all over the place - so annoying


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