Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday Meal Plan - and its getting Festive here and a little spiritual too..!

Apologies for not posting last week, I had meal planned but several days were up in the air and with family stuff going on and commitments to other blog posts looming (did you see my Mini Foodie Gift guide?) I decided to abandon the idea of posting my meal plan, but I am back this week at least! Though next week not so guaranteed to post... I will explain further down..

We did have a really lush lunch one day I must share with you - ciabatta filled with grilled smoked bacon and gooey port salut cheese, baked in the oven until gooey and served with roasted cherry tomatoes - it was heaven on a plate!

At the moment I am planning about 10 days see its not a normal week coming up, though you probably guessed that with all the tinsel that's been floating around...its Christmas and its here regardless if we anywhere near ready for it! The cards are posted...the presents are bought.. with a little help from some very nice Morrison's Wine yesterday afternoon they are all wrapped, bows ribbon and all that jazz... and all that's left is the dreaded food shop - maybe I should invest in shoulder pads and body Armour?! 

Without getting too deep some previous Christmases have left me feeling less than excited, actually to the point of tears and heartache, though by spiritual growth I know now it was because I was living my life for someone else, whereas now I live it for me and fully embrace what's going on around me. Bring on the fairy lights!

This Christmas is also poignant one - its me and B's first Christmas as a couple, which is exciting - I am thankful for having him in my life, and having a fabulous guinea pig for whatever I concoct in the kitchen. 

Best of all perhaps is that I am no longer shadowed by the black cloud of Depression and I am thankful to all those who stood by me, thick and thin. They know who they are, and I cherish having them in my life. People have come in and out of my life during the past few years...but I think that fate is a funny thing and they have all left a stamp on my life, the good ones to embrace and rejoice in and the bad that were vital - they showed me what I didn't want from my life and I have managed to carve out a happy existence. What hasn't changed is my love of food! Though January I think Anne's Kitchen will be more a 12 step detox blog for the month judging by things so far... have some more cake to keep you going until then!

And so on to the meal plan! Sorry I rambled there but I felt compelled to do it... As I said above, I am planning ahead a little - we are going away straight after Christmas as well as being at friends and families prior to the holiday and need to use up all the fresh stuff so our meals are a little somewhat quirky at the moment...I chose not to blog it but yesterdays dinner consisted of tortellini and kale in a creamy pepper sauce.. I am also working a mixture of long-day's and night's during the plan so keeping things simple too!

Monday - Sausages, with roasted new potatoes and garlic laced courgettes

Tuesday - Leftover Sausages, with either tomato and pasta sauce or sausage carbonara - we have lots of eggs and cheese in so might be the latter!

Wednesday - Mini fish pies, with most likely green beans or buttered spinach

Thursday - Cheese, tomato and Pepper Pitta Pizza's

Friday - not 100% sure but possibly an omelette or fish fingers
Have a great week everyone,
Love Anne xx


  1. My son would utterly LOVE a sausage carbonara!! *mental note for next year* x

  2. Your meal plan sounds a lot like mine - what do I have to use up? LOL And it's hard to figure out Friday, that seems so far off! I went with "breakfast for dinner." Thanks for sharing!


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