Monday, 2 December 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Oh my, Monday? Really?! Last week has simply flown by. Weekend vanished in between coffee with an old friend, a trip round a local Christmas fair, visiting relatives and then a rather lovely Sunday in Newbury, we hadn't been there before but a nice range of shops and enjoyed a rather tasty Black forest Hot chocolate. And I have nearly completed the present buying - thankfully - I saw my card balance and declared on twitter that Christmas is cancelled! We set limits this year but I went a bit off budget and treated mum to some concert tickets..can only blame myself really!

This week has already started - having been out I only just managed to plan now! Tonight's pizza was courtesy of the reduced cabinet - £1.25 from £5! We do like a bargain! I've scribbled down some ideas but still waiting to hear from family members over plans and so as always - subject to change!

Monday - Chargrilled vegetable pizza, topped with extra chorizo slices and cheese.

Tuesday - Chickpea eggah with green beans

Wednesday - Going for a Chinese with a girlfriend

Thursday - Possibly chorizo flatbread pizzas but may change to noodles

Friday - Home made beef burgers or Smoked cod rarebit

As always - my plan is over at Mrs M

Have a great week everyone!

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