Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back in the saddle.. Hello to Meal Planning Monday!

I can officially say back in the saddle on three counts this weekend!

1) My boyfriend has been rubbing my painful feet with some wonderful cooling gel. That's from South Africa. And when I checked the label was for Equine use. Their website has a disclaimer saying its not conducted human trials...

2) I spent yesterday being 'horsey' for my friends two children who deemed I make an excellent 'horsey'! Goodbye spine....

3) I made a batch of my banana breakfast bars on Friday - with oats in....

Starting to form a scary picture here...neigh...

Anyway! Its nearly Monday! And my meal plan has started forming whilst the dearest gets his weekly fix of Topgear...

Monday - Gammon from the freezer, most likely turned into pasta bake with a gifted courgette from friends veg patch

Tuesday - Boyfriend is cooking his chicken dish..has peppers in..

Wednesday - Dad's over. Going to thaw a big topside beef joint I was sent a while back, marinade Chinesey ingredients and serve with rice and greenery.

Thursday - This is subject to change but most likely an omelette alla fridge surprise to use up any veg needed eating!

Friday - Going to revisit an old Jamie O recipe for leftover stew risotto, using leftovers from Wednesday night

Happy week everyone!

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