Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Round-up

Following on from last week's Meal Plan, we actually stuck fairly well to it, surprisingly! Since moving in together, and settling into a meal routine around working patterns meal planning is a way of creating a little calmness in our week, whilst still staying flexible enough to move things around without too much upheaval! What didn't help though was me ending up with a tummy bug that wiped me out, but B managed to survive quite well, when I had managed to stand for more than five minutes in the kitchen without getting the shakes and chucked stuff together and hoped for the best!

Tomorrow is new shopping day, the fridge is running low, I've emptied things from the freezer for tomorrow's dinner and lunch, making room for as many thrifty finds I can get tomorrow!

Last week in pictures:

Wednesday - Heggies of Hereford Topside beef, sort of Chinese style -
I ate approximately 1 slice due to poor appetite but B and Dad gobbled the lot nearly!

Thursday's planned omelette became Nigella's trusty Crustless Pizza, served with balsamic and lemon oil marinated courgettes, rocket salad and some weirdly addictive pomegranate laced olives Dad brought over..

Friday - home made rice pudding, using some overcooked basmati from the depths of freezer -
a tiny portion as soooooo full and appetite a bit off!

Amaretto laced cherries, to go on Friday's rice pudding

Friday - awesome Garlic King prawn stirfry, was delicious! We had a friend's homegrown courgette in it, a white cabbage that was supposed to be a savoy cabbage and some rather lovely kindprawn's. Oh and crap loads of garlic and ginger paste!

Spring onion pancakes, to go with the above stir-fry
Dusting off this week's forthcoming meal plan...stay tuned!


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