Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bloggers Fart Too....

I have just come home from an incredibly hot (31o at its peak), long busy day at work (Yes it is Sunday! Joy of the health service...) and I had intended to do a more serious blog post. Well not serious, but at least a little professional...however I've just finished dinner, not very glamorous tonight sorry - curry flavour instant noodles, which are my guilty pleasure, though tarted up a little with a scattering of red pepper, spring onion, chestnut mushrooms and cashew nuts! I won't tell you what I had for pudding. Needless to say I do need to exercise tomorrow! ...There's always tomorrow right?!

But then I stumbled across the latest post of one of my favourite blogs - A Thrifty Mrs and just had to post this instead! See the above shot? Not too shabby really, could do with a bit of cropping but otherwise reasonable...

Though that shot was one of ten. TEN! My life is not perfect. And I don't know anyone with a perfect life. I am sitting writing this in a overly hot lounge, that gets far too much sun, in my pj's with my feet up behind me at a weird angle on the futon that shortly I will no doubt regret, watching Stella on TV that I recorded in the week. See not very glamorous at all me!

Look at this bad boy:
Oh and him too: Completely out of focus. Not worky no no no.

We as humans seem to have this 'keeping up with the Jones's desire to always want more, all that upmanship crap really bugs me. You need to be content with what you have. There is always someone far worse off, and we take so much for granted. Life is short, painfully short at times and we really should embrace living for now! Its hard, I need to remember this always, especially when the dark clouds of old circle. By storing up good times, it shows the bad ones the door and makes them unwelcome.

Life is not perfect! Never! Ever! So embrace your weirdness, enjoy the good times, appreciate the bad times, Its all practice. Not that practice makes perfect mind but at least gives you an idea of what makes you tick!

If you want to share your weirdness too - blog..facebook... do some sort of social media that floats your boat and use the hashtag #bloggersfarttoo !

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