Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rum & Chocolate Chunk Bread and Butter Puddings - in under 10 minutes!

Like spiced or dark Rum?
Like Chocolate?
Like puddings?

Short on time?

Excellent stuff.

Say hello to my Rum & Chocolate Chunk Bread and Butter Puddings!!

Whilst making dinner the other night, I remembered my lovely B had bought some scotch pancakes reduced the day before (oh how I love a good yellow sticker!) and the mind started wandering.... it wasn't the easiest of wanders... Having moved house last month, half of my kitchen stuff is still in storage boxes, its semi-organised into an old storage unit but not brilliantly accessible either...I nearly twisted my ankle finding the ramekins but was worth the challenge!! Maybe it could be a future task for the Crystal maze?!! I had nothing to hand either to put the cream in but think my mini jam jar's make a novel pouring tool!

The oven in my new kitchen, to put it bluntly is crap. Nothing seems to brown in a hurry, its possibly older than me and as I live upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs, with my wonky knees going up and down every 5 minutes to check on things is not so good! Also dinner was about 15 minutes from being ready so I needed to make something fairly quick and easy.. I had experimented last year with microwave cakes, with some pretty good results so thought why not try with good old b&b pudding! I gave them 3 minutes, but next time I think I will do at 2.30 minutes for a slightly softer pudding..a lot will depend on the dish size and how powerful the zapper is!

Serves 2
Requires grill and microwave


4 scotch pancakes
butter for greasing/ spreading

1 egg
5 tbsp milk
2 tbsp dark spiced rum
1 heaped tbsp milk chocolate chunks (mine were from Dr Oetker. Some may have got hurt during the testing process...)
1 heaped tbsp vanilla sugar + a sprinkle to finish

Pre-heat grill if particularly ancient to medium-hot

Depending on the size of the ramekins, grease them and then butter the pancakes and cut into 4/ 5 pieces, assemble in dish tightly, scattering the chocolate chunks throughout the layers.

Beat the sugar, egg, milk and rum together, pour over the puddings to cover evenly and stand for a minute. Sprinkle over a little sugar

Microwave for 2-3 minutes or until just cooked - use a skewer to test. Transfer to the grill and brown to a desired shade.

Stand for a minute or two before eating - they will be very hot!!

These little puddings were great! Their texture was pretty similar to the more traditional oven baked variety and smothered in cream sauce were delicious!

As my puddings used up cheap ingredients, and were quick to cook I have put them in this months Credit Crunch Munch created by Fuss Free Flavours and Fab Food for All and the host this month is Fish Fingers for Tea

Many thanks to Dr Oetker for the chocolate chunks :)

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  1. Rum, chocolate, puddings - these are a few of my favourite things. (Hmmm, I think there could be a song there somewhere). Even better, they're quick to make. This is definitely sound thinking - you're making me hungry.


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