Monday, 23 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday W/c: 23rd April 2012

Wow, another week has started. Where has the time flown this year?! I have a rather large birthday approaching rapidly, which I am completely not ready for. Can I delay it a bit longer perhaps?! Pretty please?!

I am rather slacking in blog posts at the moment, as rather stupidly I left my beloved camera at my Aunt's house last month, and between my camera phone and fluorescent strip kitchen lighting have not managed to photograph anything half decently! Hopefully I am getting it back soon...

Meanwhile I've been doing some experimental vegan baking, which may appear at some point when I get something more photogenic and I had great success with using one of those oven roasting bags thingies over Easter - I cooked a gammon joint in it and was very impressed with the outcome, the resulting meat was perfectly cooked and juicy. And no messy baking tray after! Win win!

I've done my meal plan but as always its subject to change. Due to not one, but two unexpected car costs this past few weeks, along with mot and service due this week, and having time off sick from work frugality will be the mantra for the next month or two! Lots of freezer raiding! Why are cars so blooming expensive? And just how does a windscreen manage to just crack? Hmph. I do believe lentil soup may appear soon on my menu...

Anyway, enough of my rambling - so far the plan is:

Tonight - Ditalini with pesto courgettes, mushrooms and peppers. Followed by a cinnamon whirl picked up on reduced and frozen, a quick blast in oven will have it back to its full glory!

Tuesday - Cod fishcakes with peas and a portion of potato boulangere (leftover from Easter and frozen) became leftover veg as cooked too much on Monday

Wednesday - Aduki bean kiev (were on offer!) with root veggies. Had shocking car bill, and didn't fancy what I'd planned. Ended up making quick dinner of fusilli with peas, fried mushrooms and blue brie.

Thursday - Tortellini with gammon and more peas, possibly a brothy kinda thing

Friday - Not sure! Going to see Wicked! Dinner at Prezzo, shared a lovely caramelised onion pizza bread, then a rather tasty griddled chicken and avocado salad. Wicked was excellent!

Saturday - have put down meatloaf/ meatballs... have some pork mince in freezer but not fully decided yet what I might do with it. I saw something a while back involving thai influences so might try it out Didn't do thai route - Made mini meatballs and had it with a packet of moroccan couscous and some cucumber

Sunday - Salmon fillet, with ginger and pumpkin rice noodles (a whim purchase, hope they are nice!) and veggies of some sort

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