Saturday, 14 April 2012

Loving the leftovers - Pastry

I never like to waste food, there is always that little voice in the back of my head (aka mums when I was young) saying think about the starving get the picture. And so I learned to embrace leftovers, and some of my best dishes have been born this way!

A few weeks back I made a rather gorgeous tart for lunch, involving a sheet of puff pastry, bought in post Christmas sales for 30p and squirelled into the freezer, some delicious 'coastal cheddar' given to me by my dad, organic bacon (bought for 70p reduced!) and a large amount of caramelized onions:

(served with honey and mustardy carrots and piccalilli, mm!)

 However, the baking tray in my new flat wasn't quite big enough, and I was left with a strip of pastry where I had cut the tart to size...not wanting to waste it, I had a small amount of mincemeat left, so quickly whipped up these simple little mincemeat puffs using it:

So that was lunch and pudding sorted for both me and a friend, for less than £1.50, and I had leftovers for the next day. Can't argue with that!

I am sending this over to Helen's Frugal Food Fridays, this month being held over at Utterly Scrummy Food for Families blog:

What's your favourite thing that you have made from leftovers?


  1. Aren't you clever!

    I keep puff pastry in my freezer all the time. Two varieties. One really expensive one in case someone shows up and one from the supermarket. I make lunch with leftover veggies by adding sour cream and cheddar cheese and spread it on the puff pastry and roll it up, then cut into scrolls and bake.

    Served with some homemade tomato relish or chutney and I'm happy.

    Love this post!

  2. I love your clever and delicious ideas about using up leftovers. I am also a big fan of using up all the funny bits you find hiding in the freezer and puff pastry is such a clever and useful ingredient!

  3. Hi Anne! Your recipes are so clever, I rarely cook with pastry, I so should! I do however often pop by & read your blog! I have nominated you for a 7X7 award if you fancy giving it a go? The details are here: Have a fab day! x


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