Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Easter Egg Heaven from Hotel Chocolat

I am a little late in posting this due to last weeks unexpected hospital stay, however if you are still looking for Easter Egg's then you still have time to order from the lovely people at Hotel Chocolat!

This year Hotel Chocolat introduced a new beast in the form of The Gianduja Truffle Easter Egg (not that I can actually pronounce it!):

Praline and me go together like, well, er was trying to think of something clever then but think brain is still slightly depleted from hospital erm... I'll remember later! Anyhow, I do indeed love praline, especially Hotel Chocolat’s pralines and this egg is packed to the shell with them! Heaven indeed!

Milk lovers - look away now - this egg is for those who appreciate dark chocolate, its superfine, decandently smooth and the box is just so elegant! After undoing the bow, and removing the lid you are greeted with the golden foil encased egg, which can't do much else than bring a smile to your face! And then after gently lifting it out, there is a further beautiful box waiting for you underneath, with two layers of their super fine dark gianduja pralines! It even says 'Your Dark Gianduja Truffles on' which I take as meaning they are all mine, and that I don't need to share them, no? These are chocolates you want to take your time with. Their casing is sugar flecked crisp, then a thick layer of the chocolate, and a smooth inner. Perfect with coffee I found too!

So go on, spoil someone with this egg this Easter - it really is something quite special!

Many thanks to Anurag and Hotel Chocolat


  1. Of course they are yours. Why would you share them?

    Love HC eggs.


  2. You have an amazing blog, and that looks heavenly!

    I am now following you, hope you will visit my blog and return the favor =) Thanks so much!


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