Monday, 30 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday 30/04/2012

Well, Monday. Here you are all over again. You have appeared so quickly it seems!

I've been a bad blogger having nothing really new for you too. Still in process of getting my DSLR camera back, and my spare old Casio one keeps saying 'card error' which is rather frustrating as a) its not that old but outside the warranty and b) it means I can't really photograph anything as my phone unless under outdoors seems to do funny things like this to pictures:

Toasted waffles with caramelised apples on - delicious too:

And despite telling myself rather sternly no more buying cupboard stuff, as the 'dry goods draw' was already heaving I randomly picked up a packet of Polish Barley Groats the other other day, which I am going to try out later this week...Says they are high in fibre and a good source of protein apparently..

Moving on to this weeks meal plan, last weeks saw a few changes and substitutions, and no doubt this will too! My car is trying to financially ruin me so everything is planned from existing stocks, and will be for next few weeks. Will be good to clear down and sort through the freezer!

Also am adding this to Mrs M's weekly linky you can check out what everyone else is cooking here

Monday - I had put pie on menu but do have some blue cheese that needs eating, contemplating making some sort of blue cheese potato cakes, to be served with broccoli and carrots. I made the potato cakes, though did semi explode, think should of chilled them first! Were very nice anyway!

Tuesday - Quick dinner before college - most likely penne with last of some pesto that needs eating along with peas and courgettes. But have pasta for lunch so doubt will want it too for pie might be moved to tomorrow, if I don't eat him tonight Forgot didn't have college as had an exam in the morning, so I'd swapped shifts! Dinner became stir fried courgette with pesto as wasn't that hungry!

Wednesday - Either baked tuna crepes with broccoli, or a cheese omelette Became a mix of the two! Omelette WW style, with tuna and olives on the side, with peas and courgette

Thursday - This is where the above mentionned groats come into play! Going to thaw some pork mince and go from there! Might do a quick stew of sorts, depending of course on the weather!

Friday - Am working late, so lunch will be a good sized portion of leftovers and if hungry when I get in will most likely be my cupboard noodle surprise!

Saturday - Rather excitingly am going to a Foodies Festival and then out for dinner!

Sunday - Rather un-excitingly I will be another year older, and no longer in my twenties! Am so not ready! Not entirely decided still what to do but potentially a curry..

And on a random note, to offset my car bill a little - please check out my EBay auctions! Plus I forgot to put it on there but if you are looking for a pastry canape maker - do let me know!

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