Monday, 20 October 2008

The Weekends over and back to the grind

There is always something slightly sad about Monday for me, it means the weekends over and back to cooking quick, albeit normally tasty dinners after work. Half of my weekend I was in my element, pots, pans and flour everywhere, including me despite wearing an apron! The half was boring usual stuff and a naughty but nice hot sausage roll out shopping! Well it was cold outside!

I started off yesterday by making another batch of Italian bread rolls, using a roughly translated recipe from the in-law's and some lovely fresh yeast I was brought back from a friend's holiday (people must hate me when I hear they are going away as I always ask for foodie stuff!) Now I still am tweaking the slightly measurement less recipe but when I get there I will post it on here! This time round I did a mixture of plain and stone ground wholemeal and used EVOO instead of plain olive oil and was really pleased with the results as had a bit more 'bite' compared to using just plain bread flour and even better they were not rock hard this morning!
I used my new silicon 'tin' but think will stick to lining with paper as it was a pain to get out and didn't look as presentable after its upside-down wrestle!

Whilst they were 'proving' in the airing cupboard (note: this is not a good way to surprise your other half when he is looking for tea towels!) I found two un-waxed lemons in the fridge that needed using up so made my favourite lemon drizzle cake recipe, half which has already vanished! Several pieces admittedly were eaten with chocolate custard (birds + nutella = interesting chocolate custard...)

Now for some reason I have never been much of a pork eater but rather oddly in the last year I have really started enjoying it and trying new cuts, the plan for Sunday lunch yesterday was a roast chicken but there were no free-rangers left on Saturday night when I was shopping (yes I do have the most exciting weekends!) and so I ended up with an organic boneless pork shoulder joint and it tasted great, took longer than it said on the front (might have misread!) but the meat was still really tender and relatively easy to carve (not something I am gifted with!) am planning to use the leftover meat tonight but have only come up with gently reheating in gravy so far! Whatever it will be its being eaten with mash and savoy cabbage!

Hope everyone else had great foodie weekends :-)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful foodie weekend. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who isn't too impressed with silicone bakeware.

  2. Hi Jules, I have a few pieces but not overly impressed with them, except for one set of heart shaped muffin moulds from john lewis but only because they are easier to clean after!


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