Thursday, 9 October 2008

Jelly without the wobble!

I don't normally post my disasters/ mishaps / nightmares etc due to embarrassment but yesterday my jelly didn't set and this is the second time in two weeks a dessert has gone wrong, of course both times when guests are over! Maybe I should just stick to the savoury side of life!

Luckily I had my stash of cookies so offered them out but the sad coconut lime jelly is in the it even 'safe' to eat un-set jelly? It is halfway between liquid and set and to be honest looks pretty unappetizing...I think I measured it all out correctly (not exactly rocket science!) and its never happened before; I am wondering if its to do with our slightly antequated fridge, as noticed once again it was not as cold as it should be, either the beloved is trying to confuse me and is turning the setting down or its developed its own little mind and is turning itself down...might be time to contact the landlord...again!

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