Friday, 3 October 2008

Are your cupboards fit to bursting like mine?

I have been a very bad girl again this week, despite making promises to the beloved not to buy anymore kitcheneilia I found myself alone in Tesco the other night and quite accidentally buying a very large and shiny blue terracotta oven-proof casserole. This is on top of my Dad also very kindly bringing me over a very nice cream souffle dish this week...

Trying to justify to myself, I have indeed been looking to buy a proper 'casserole' for a very long time and looked at many, even buying at one point only to return it after realising the product description was wrong and was not actually suitable for putting in the oven at a decent temperature (thanks Amazon!) Deep down inside I still am coveting a Le Creuset one but they are just that bit too heavy for me to lift, not that my new terracotta one is light by any means but I can at least lift it with food in! I christened the aforesaid pan last night by making split pea and ham soup, which was lovely if a little thick!

So now I have a dilema as despite moving into a much larger home with a much larger kitchen last year, my cupboards are full and the new pan has taken up residence on the hob, not ideal. The trouble is I just can't quite bear to part with any other dishes, despite the fact this does replace what several of they do...


  1. It's like when my boyfriend complains that none of the cupboard doors close and says "Why don't you throw some of it away??"

    Are you kidding me?!

    I do adore my Le Creuset, I think the largest I have is a 22cm one which is miniscule compared to some of the bigger sizes and I struggle to lift that when it's full. Besides you can never have too many casserole dishes!

  2. My cuboards are full to bursting too and I my le creuset lives on top of my cooker, but then it is a pretty green colour and I like looking at it, yes, I am sadly in love with my le creuset. The space issue has prevented me from buying another, not to mention the price. I did see those casserole dishes though and my hand did hover over one.

  3. Hayley - your boyfriend sounds like mine, they just don't understand the 'bond' you develop with kitchen items!

    I did manage to do a slight re-arrangement yesterday so it just about fits in the 'dish' cupboard but its snug!

    Have already used it a couple of times so think was worth the investment as dinner was all cooked in the one pan on friday night = less washing up so 'he' is pleased ;-)

    I just have to stop myself buying the smaller one now!

  4. Anne this post made me laugh. My hubby breaks out in a sweat when I go to TK Max, I always come home with some Kitcheneilia! My recent buy being a gorgeous black cake stand for £4.99, I mean come on how can you pass that bargain up?


  5. Maria that does sound like a fabulous bargain (the colour made me think of the lovely Nigella bakeware!) I was looking on e-bay yesterday and was shocked how expensive cake stands were so £4.99is not to be ignored! :-)

    I am currently banned by the beloved from going into Lakeland's unaccompanied! Is so not fair!

  6. Thank you for visiting my foodblog and leaving a comment.
    I too have a problem with kitchenalia - what are we all going to do.........?

  7. Maybe we can get special blogger rates with Access Self Storage? ;-)

  8. Sad news...the casserole cracked last night when heating oil on the hob! Just wemt BOOM! Am not pleased as was in middle of making dinner at the time :(

    Oh well, think its gonna be Le Creuset next stop....


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