Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hello April!

It seems April's weather is all over the place this year, rain one minute, snow the next and then baking hot sun, is certainly confusing when you plan a nice wintery casserole and the sun shows her finest!

So far this month me and a friend went back to childhood and made rice crispy cakes, one batch using melted easter eggs was not so succesful but the plain chocolate and golden syrup ones were lush!

My mums birthday has also been and gone and so I decided to bake a birthday cake for her, kind of role reversal from all the ones she has made for me! (is a coconut victoria sponge topped with glace icing, more coconut and barbie pink sprinkles!!)

Have made a few recent experiments, including custard apple pots:

I also made bubble and squeak cakes using up leftovers....whilst they have been eaten, I don't think there will be a repeat of these!

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