Friday, 11 April 2008

They put the lime in the coconut…

Faced with a leftover lonely lime and craving cake I decided to put the two together and made a pretty standard Victoria sponge, but added half the lime juice and a good handful of desiccated coconut, then topped with glace icing, made with the rest of the lime juice and a dash of hot water, then topped with more coconut:

Picture to follow when OH fixes the computer...

Whilst the cake is nice…its not got the desired lime kick, think will add double next time and see what happens…


  1. Sounds v good! I have a recipe for a lime and coconut drizzle loaf cake in an old Good Food mag - perhaps Feb or March 2006? You swap lime for lemon and make the icing with coconut milk.

  2. the loaf idea sounds good! I have a stash of good food's so will have a hunt through!

    many thanks :)


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