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The Real Food Festival, Earls Court April 2008

We went on Saturday to the Real Food Festival at Earls Court, London and had a great day out, well recommend a future visit. *I have tried to give credit to everyone I met but if I have made any errors please do not hesitate to contact me.*

The fun part - tasting it all!!

I got to try an amazing range of English wines, an area that I don't seem to have stumbled upon before and was very impressed! One of the best we tried was from Brightwell Vineyard e-mail: The whites in particular I thought were excellent. I also managed to try Oak Leaf and Bramble Wine from a Scottish company called The Strange Scottish Winery, they was much nicer that they sounded!

The range of pickles, chutneys and jams was also amazing and I actually didnt need to eat lunch due to the amount of samples I had consumed walking around! The biggest shock was some aubergine pickle as I had not heard the stall holder correctly advising which were the hotter ones...phew it was spicy!!

I tried several sauces and pickles from Real Organic Foods Company that were great, I picked up the delicious bbq sauce and a jar of Rogan Josh that was nicely spiced, the stall holder was really helpful and friendly which is always a bonus!

We also tried some nice organic pizza from

One of my favourite sweets was a stickey Lemon pudding!! Warming and lush! Was from Burtree Puddings , my friend tried the sticky toffee and also said was really good!

Also from the Nutty Tarts their Luxury Caramel Shortbread was to die for! Gooey loveliness in a bake, certainly one of the best I have tried! Their lemon drizzle cake was also lovely tasting.

Tried some lime and chili chocolate from The Cacao Tree which was really good, really enjoyed the kick from the chili, then the zingyness from the lime!

Unfortunately I didnt get their name but I bought some caramelized pecan and cashew nuts which were really delicious and have mysteriously vanished...!

As intended before I set out (repeat offender!), I puchased two bottles of Sloe Whisky from sloe motion, think I may have scared the guy though by smiling very excitedly and saying how glad I had found their stall at last!!

I picked up a bottle of divine Black Cherry Liqueur from Condessa, e-mail Whilst I somehow resisted their Praline cream liqueur was equally lush!!

Another one I somehow resisted the urge on was a gorgeous Jersey Cream liqueur from, very highly recomened

I also got to try some lush free range chicken and vegetable soup, had a light for lovely texture and full of flavour

I tried and bought some yummy sausages from Supreme sausages, I came home with a pack of their olde english pork and some wild boar and apple both since eaten! They were both delicious and I really liked the sublteness of the seasoning, will definately be ordering again!

Unfortunately they had no leaflets and I didnt get their name but I tried some italian style pasta with Rabbit but no one in my group was brave enough to try Rabbit, admittedly was my first taste....and I thought it was lovely!

Being slightly brave I also tried some Limpet and gurnard 'paste' (or something similar!) and it was surprisingly quite edible - I had been dared to try it by the way!

After trying what seemed an eternity of different oils I picked up a bottle of Roasted Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed oil: which is great on salads etc gives everything a lovely nuttyish flavour. Whilst I didnt pick it up (only so much one can carry!!) I tried a yummy tasting rapeseed oil from, was really buttery

One of my favourite pates was from a free range chicken, armangac and cream pate and it was gorgeous, creamy and smooth and not too boozy, just wish had remembered to go back and buy some at the end! Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid my leaflet!

Am not sure if will work but was lured into purchasing a health tonic which is said to help joint problems etc...we shall see!

Another favourite was some strawberry fruit ice from was really fresh and fruity tasting and perfect for the upcoming summer months!

Have not tried yet but was given a small tub of filter coffee from will try sometime this week!

Overall we had a fantastic day and it was really great to meet all the stall holders and taste their great products!

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