Thursday, 22 March 2007

Macaroni cheese with Spinach

Makes four bowls:

1 pint milk at room temperature
45g butter
45g plain flour
50g mature cheese grated
40g parmesan grated
1/2 tsp colmans mustard
300g fresh spinach
250g dried macaroni

1) Cook macaroni as per packet instructions, roughly 20 mins.
2) Make the cheese sauce by melting butter, add the flour and whisk in milk, bring to boil and simmer until thick, add mustard, (works equally well using microwave method), add 3/4 both cheeses, reserve remainder.
3) In a large pan wilt the spinach and drain very well in a sieve.
4) Line a small roaster/ oven proof dish with the spinach, season well, pour over cooked macaroni (drained!), pour over the cheese sauce and sprinkle over remaining cheese, season with black pepper, place in preheated oven roughly 180 or gas 5 until golden and bubbling apx 25mins or grill on 200o for about 10 mins.

As a variation, last night we omited the mustard and added a tin of tuna to the sauce, was really yummy and made loads, OH gave it 10/10!

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