Monday, 1 February 2016

Weekly Meal Planner

Firstly, me bad - another week without posting a recipe! Our evening routine is so different now, if anything I have more time on my hands but therein lies the problem - I've either been out or too busy cooking in the kitchen and eating it!!

Last we stuck to plan apart from Friday night - I had accidentally had tuna for lunch and unsurprisingly I didn't quite fancy it also for dinner! Instead I was very bad and instead ate a mixture of bruschetta covered in custard cream spread (yes you did read that right, and I like it) and erm mini duck spring rolls! Though I did eat a lot for lunch so was not very hungry!

Whilst this is not the most appetizing looking of meals it was one of my favourites of the whole week - I borrowed the idea from Nigella of making her spicy sausage patties, though left my boyfriend unattended for a few minutes to make the patties, it was supposed to be 16 mini patties, we had 7 bigger ones but I think he preferred them like this! We had some really tasty pork sausages, I left out the seasonings other than adding my new favourite ingredient of roasted black sesame seeds, and we used Thai sweet chilli sauce instead on top. Served with home made pickled radishes, and egg fried udon we had quite a feast that at the same time felt quite virtuous!

This week took a bit of extra planning - it culminates with the next round of gastro investigations so I've been writing it armed with the bundle of paper of what I can and can't eat. Tomorrow is 6 hours nil by mouth ahead of some acid tests I am grimacing just thinking about! How will I survive lunch break I am not sure! Also I am not allowed an bran for the next week so having to check any naughty snacky packets just in case its in them!

I'm still on a bit of a purge to clear one of the cupboards - mostly as its a hassle to get to the stuff so trying to plan around using bits up and a few odds n ends! One of my colleagues has given me the gumbo recipe and am looking forward to both making and eating it!

Bacon and leek noodles 
Creamy tomato & chorizo Baked tortellini, green beans, mange tout 
Thai pork vermicelli 
Prawn and chorizo gumbo, rice 
Baba ganoush, home made flatbreads, marinated courgettes, stuffed olives

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  1. Gorgeous sounding meal plan - and, also, those sausage patties with udon noodles sound fantastic! Hope all tests go well. x


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