Monday, 22 February 2016

Meal Planning Monday

Monday has come around so fast again! For a rare change we stuck to 4 nights out of 5 from last weeks plan! The tuna got abandoned again but I can't remember what we had instead...ah nope, we went out to friends instead for dinner! Despite having to switch my diet slightly and getting head around it, it seems to have paid off as I had no bad flares last week and following the special diets things seem to have settled almost back to what I refer to as being 'my normal'! I still need to do a little work on it, and actually stick to a food diary - I have a collection of abandoned ones, its almost like my brain is rebelling against my digestion! Am due to see the gastro doc again next month to review everything so hopefully things will carry on settling down and he won't order any more tests to shake it all up again!

I am apologetic as ever for the lack of blogging... I am definitely back in the kitchen and cooking but its been a mixture of easy items like sausages or old favourites, nothing very blog worthy for you!  A little highlight in an attempt not to throw anything away was when I cooked the peas on Wednesday night, I added in some quickly shredded, neglected iceberg lettuce, along with a pinch of veg stock powder, then drained and finished with a splodge of some spare cream cheese with chives - made a really good use of the lettuce and it tasted lovely! We did try also a new receipe last week of some turkey, feta and olive burgers but I think the oven didn't do them justice and will have to await summertime and try to barbecue them instead! This was my dad's burger (I had mine without bun, silly really as lovely brioche!)

Last week I have received a new grating gadget which I promise to blog soon and I have finally unpacked the dehydrator I received at Christmas, which I really do intend to try using it soon though it seems super confusing as to how long anything might take in it! Additionally in the real world I am part of a project team, and we are super busy as deadlines are fast approaching and I find that I don't want to look at my PC when I get home, oh and I am also working through an online photography course which is zapping my free time! I never like to do things by halves! I am planning a little holiday in a few weeks to unwind, will be needed!

Also from last week's photos, these were the Ham and spinach florentines from Monday night - which were easy to make and tasty little one pots and ideal on a busy night! B really liked them too so I will definitely make again! A few minutes to assemble, 20 minutes in the oven and ta dah-dinner!:

This week's plan is mostly courtesy of the freezer - either ready made items or things I have already cooked and squirreled away for ease:

Pulled pork sausages, creamed leeks and sweet potato mash 
(bought the sausages reduced, they look good!)

Gammon and potato bake mozzarella, cabbage 
(Boiled the gammon with fresh ginger slices yesterday, recipe made countless times)

Tuna in crumbs, spring rolls, egg fried udon or rice 
(Both tuna and spring rolls are from the freezer)

Whole Edamame to start, then Prawn pancake (Korean style), stir fried tahini & soy dressed veggies 
(An actual effort to cook something new this week on least busy night!)

Scampi, sweet potato jacket, peas 
(Lazy dinner for one!)

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