Monday, 29 February 2016

How not to meal plan ...

This week I was all prepared with my meal plan. I'd rearranged a few bits after realising nearly every meal was pork in some form and decided that was a bit OTT. Last night I logged on the PC to finalise it....and it wasn't my usual home screen.. 

And I couldn't find anything on it.

No photos.

No meal plan.


Horror, yes. 

Eventually I thought it had done some kind of update, and I found everything had been magically moved to another drive, so I promptly relocated everything.... Relief was an understatement ... And so I finalised said plan, whilst watching Lukcy Man- am loving the series has kept me so hooked, I didn't write it down, like I normally do to attach to the fridge...

Tonight I get home from work, wearily log on, eventually it opens and my more regular home screen is showing...okay....try to open meal planner... And it's gone. Proper gone. Everything else has gone. I swear I will never buy a hp again! Nothing but trouble! So I am praying to the back up cloud gods that it did in deed back up or I think I might have a meltdown. I've had to drive into town tonight and drop it back at pc world for repair, so back to using the iPad, which anyone who has ever tried the blogger app knows how basic it is...

So. Am hastily trying  to remember what I put down other than tonight's foot long hotdogs. 

As a little highlight the below picture is the planned Korean seafood pancake I made last week, from a waitrose recipe - I think my pan was a bit small as it was quite a beast but it was delicious - definitely will make again!

This evening has been definitely one of those gahhhargh evenings, I didn't sleep well last night so feel a bit worn out from a lovely but busy weekend - lots of lovely food - plus a trip to the theatre to see Priscilla, queen of the desert, which was brilliant, and then tonight having to drive into town and sort out the laptop, then a planned quick trip to halfords took ages whilst I managed to let the female population down in not knowing how to open the bonnet of the car, and then offending the chap who helped by not realising he was a mechanic. On the plus side he was amazed I still own a real map!
And I spiller milk on the carpet. Bed is beckoning! 

So guessing my meal plan - I think it was mostly what I planned....

Tonight was foot long hotdogs, in baguette with garlic fried Savoy cabbage
Thai style pork meatballs, broccoli, with basmati rice
Pesto baked cod, potato wedges, braised leeks and peas
Macaroni cheese
Scampi, mash and peas 

Bear with me till am computer enabled again! 

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