Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday Meal Plan

I'm back! Well sort of, mentally at least and that's a start! The last few months to be honest have been hideous with family, friend and work woes weighing us down, finally we can see the wood for the trees and I am starting to get my appetite back! My IBS has been rearing its stressy head too but I am hoping to tame it with a new course of pre and pro-biotics I spent a small fortune on recently! Lets hope it works!

We sat down and did the meal plan last night - lets see if we can still to it this week!! Last weeks plans all ended up changing to work circumstances but at least it was a try! What are you planning this week? Anything new or an old favourite perhaps?

Meal Plan:

Tuna, avocado and cheesy melts with sesame, honey and soy roasted broccoli:

Nigella's Meatzza with roasted courgettes and new potatoes

Chinese OR pasta bake

Venison burgers with potato wedges and peas

Chicken wraps

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