Monday, 22 June 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Where did this week go?! After a few up and down weeks last week we stuck pretty much on plan with only minor changes - Wednesday's Chinese took place on Thursday instead, as we went to see the new Jurassic World movie - so dinner mostly involved twiglets and iced fanta! Very healthy!! Fortunately the rest of our meals, well apart from the Chinese were all very lean and less sinful! A new dish for us was Nigella's Meatzza - it reminded me a little of meatloaf, in effect its seasoned beef, topped with mozzarella and tomato - it was tasty and super easy to make!

Finally a bit of fog has lifted and I feel like cooking, and eating again! The new probiotics seem to be worth their hype and price tag, and I am enjoying being back in the kitchen scheming up the next meal! We also made Kedgeree for the first time on Saturday morning using a Jamie Oliver recipe - it was delicious! I used more eggs as we were a little short on the fish part, plus we were all egg fiends so 2 between 3 of us was not an option!! Delicious!

This week is a little flexible - my boyfriend has started a new job and doing battle with the M3 all this week so its all things that can keep warm without going icky! Tonights quorn melts look quite tasty, I bought them yellow stickered, so crossed fingers they taste good too!

Quorn melts, courgettes, potato waffles
Tuna pasta bake, broccoli and peas
Chicken fajitas, red rice
Ham and cabbage melt
Curry n Rice

What are you all having this week? Anything new or interesting?


  1. I notice you mention pricey probiotics, have you tried fermenting foods and drinks? I've previously done it and am going to get back into it, great for your gut! Ginger bugs are the easiest and you can make your own pop with it! ;)

    1. Hi Mother Mands - I have heard about fermenting..when we moved into our current flatshare the previous tenant sang its praises ...but I must admit it scares me a little bit! Maybe I should persevere!


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