Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday Meal Plan

Sorry I have been awol... I was away on holiday then picked up some bug that left me not wanting to eat anything yet alone think about it! Very unlike me! Fortunately my appetite is starting to pick up again and white the meal plan is not finalised but I was determined to create something as we have been so disorganised! 

Monday - jambalaya with chorizo or salami in taco bowls (Though it became a spinach tortellini salami surprise as the chorizo was furry!)

Tuesday - pork in mustard sauce and new potatoes (forgot the cream, did pork katsu curry and rice!

Wednesday - sweet chilli salmon, peas and udon noodles

Thursday - possibly at a friends.. Or pizza! 

Friday - chicken curry n rice

I hope to bring you some recipes soon! My phone is also away for repair so I can't Instagram anything I feel so lost! The photo below was our Friday night dinner - huge pork chops stuffed with cheese then panko breadcrumbed and then briefly fried before transferred to the oven to cook through - delicious!

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