Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Spicy Giveaway 06/12/2014 **NOW CLOSED**

Now some of you will know from last years bare your cupboards from Belleau Kitchen I am er, a bit of a spice hoarder, well nothing has changed during 2014 and when a new company approached me recently offering some intriguing sounding spice mix called Basaar I really could not say no! 

Basaar is a completely alien word to me, despite cooking a variety of cuisines its a word that doesn't roll off my tongue with an air of talking like I know what I am talking about, and I do love a new challenge! 

Borrowing a little text from Sharma Spices to help explain Basaar:- 

"Our Original Basaar has been used as a spice powder for over 50 years. It is all hand-made and compromises of ingredients of the highest-quality. The fiery kick bought out from its zest is somewhat absent from the average spice rack. 

This product is only available via Sharma Spices as it is our own, unique blend of spice. Although we cannot give out our family formula, we can promise flavour you have never experienced before. The spices originate from the Punjab region in South-East Asia, an area world renowned for its affection and distinction in spices; we are confident we have perfected a method for the ultimate spice lover. "

So do you covet new spices too? If so and you fancy trying out some of Sharma Spices Basaar mix you could win 500g Sharma Spice Original Basaar to play with!

All you need to do is enter via my easy Rafflecopter form and answer a very simple question!

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  1. I mix my own all-purpose curry powder and it's become a family favourite

  2. Traditional mixed spice because it is so easy to use

  3. i mix tandoori powder and lemon and marinate chicken in it til pink then cook with yogurt

  4. Bit of a weird one but my favourite is a chinese salt and pepper spice mix - used to be able to get it in the shops but nowhere sells it anymore and we have to order it in bulk off the internet! I could probably make my own but I'm not sure I could get the balance right! Other than that, anything mexican!

  5. I don't have a favourite spice, but I really like cumin and chili.

  6. Ras el Hanout - I just love to use it to flavour tagines.

  7. garam masala - no curry would b the same without it

  8. Baharat - gives a great flavour to cous cous dishes


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