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My Christmas Food and Drink Guide

Over the past couple of months I have been sent a variety of items, as well as purchasing a fair few items myself and I have put together a mini food and drink guide to help you navigate through the Festive season! There is so much choice it can be hard to choose sometimes and please every guest but hopefully my ideas can give you some last minute inspiration!

Christmas day for us has to involve cheese - normally a nice ripe creamy Brie, some punchy Stilton and a good bodied cheddar and just as important as the cheese are the crackers! This year we have these lovely Peter's Yard Artisan Crispbreads - they are as the name suggests, crispy and wholesome. Also they come in their own little card trays, perfect to place straight on the table!

Every Christmas, my dad without fail brings me a box of Chocolate Florentines from Aldi and they normally last about an hour after being opened! We have been enjoying these florentines for many years now - perfect bite sized nutty clusters with milk, dark and white chocolate coatings! I remember shortly before properly dating my boyfriend giving him a box of these for Christmas - must of worked some magic as we started dating not long after and two years on we are still going strong!

Now the next food you will have to dust off your apron and make - but this Christmas we shall be enjoying as a nibble some of my Spicy Mushroom and Bean Sausage rolls - they are relatively easy to knock up and reheat beautifully, perfect to make ahead and keep on standby!

Next up was an item that was also in a recent giveaway on my blog - a gorgeous golden Ferrero Rocher Pyramid - I have been so good not eating a single one from my kit - its easy to build even if you are technically challenged like moi and even easier to pick a lovely little cluster off its shelves to happily nibble on! I can't wait to put this on the table at Christmas - though I do wonder how long 60 Ferrero Rocher will actually last us......

Now after all those lovely nibbles you will probably be thirsty and I have a couple of drinks and cocktail ideas for you to enjoy!

For all those drivers and non-drinkers, there is a lovely, refreshing Cloudy Lemonade made by Cracker Drinks Co - its zingy and has no added sugar, welcome after all the chocolate treats! Its made with concentrated fruit juices, water and pressed lemon juice and is found within the ambient drinks aisle, rrp at £1.50. Also if fridge space is at breaking point due to its secure packaging and reseable cap its ideal to store on the windowsill/ doorstep/ patio etc!

Next up if you are fancying something naughty but trying to be healthy is my Blissful Blueberry Cocktail -  I used Blueberry Active concentrate to make them, it appears quite pricey at first glance but a little goes a long way, plus its choc full of goodness. I have been on a bit of a health kick over the past few months, trying to cram in extra vitamins after a rough few months both physically and mentally due to the ongoing diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and I feel a lot better for it. Though it is Christmas so a little tipple is most allowed too!

Makes two Cocktails  leave the vodka out for a non-alcoholic option

½ tbsp Blueberry Active concentrate
2 tbsp blueberry vodka
350ml lemonade
Fresh Blueberries to garnish
Lots of ice

Place the Blueberry Active concentrate in a large beaker or measuring jug, swirl together with the vodka using a long spoon, top up with lemonade. Fill glasses with ice and pour over the mixture, garnishing with a few extra berries and a straw.

Last but not by any means least, it would not be a celebration time without some wine! With white wine I am quite fussy particular - I can't bear sweet wine, am not overly fond of the pinot grapes and I really do like Chardonnay, especially the Australian ones. 

I like a nice body, slightly dry and not to overpowering and recently I tried out Hardys 2013 Chardonnay and I think its one of my favourite white wines I've had this year! Its slightly oaky body and delicate vanilla notes complemented the particular risotto I made that evening (a recipe to follow!) and its definitely on the list for wine to buy for Boxing day and our potential three bird roast as I think it will suit perfectly! 

Wishing you all a very Merry (but drink responsibly) Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: I received no payment for items included in my guide and all opinions are my own.

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