Monday, 22 December 2014

My Christmas Fridge - Random Recipes #46

This December, Belleau Kitchen's Random Recipes challenge has taken its usual twist, last year I bared my Larder to the world...and this year its the Christmas fridge!! We actually have two fridges, this is our main one in the photo and we have a slightly antiquated on the blink drinks fridge which is upstairs.. its a split level flat if that helps it make more sense... Anyway the Kitchen fridge is quite big and it was rather difficult to take a photo, due to space issues where I was taking the image! The other tenant pulled up outside the window and almost caught me taking the photo, wedged up against his fridge, I am not sure how I would quite explain it to him!!

Now whilst the food was definitely all for December dining, we don't actually have a 'Christmas fridge as such, as we are catering only part of the big meals (yes plural, there is Christmas day with Dad and boxing day with Mum!) and so I have taken a picture after last weeks big food re-stock everything shop, as the rest of its time due to occasional bursts of strict meal planning its quite baren looking, B actually remarked how full it was for one! I do feel slightly ashamed how many jars there are but I am a pickle addict and there is plenty of them!

Despite it being last weeks photo, its not hugely dis-similar tonight - there are chestnut mushrooms awaiting their Spicy Mushroom and Bean Sausage rolls fate, creme fraiche awaiting its contribution to the Boxing day chicken liver pate and lovely free range eggs to make a South African Milktart, in honour of my South African boyfriend. We also have some rather lush smoked salmon I ordered direct from a smokery up north awaiting its devouring on Christmas Eve!

Whatever you make, do and decide this Christmas try to relax, enjoy the time spent with loved ones and I wish you all succulent Turkeys - or nut roasts and I hope Santa treats you well!

Have you bared your fridge soul yet? Don't be shy!

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  1. What a super well stocked fridge! Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year :)


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