Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chargrilled Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms

One of my favourite easy meals for one is making stuffed mushrooms, either as a simple starter with some nice leaves or making a larger portion into a more substantial meal. This particular one was somewhere in-between, the mushrooms needed using up and I ate them over two nights alongside dinner. Any excuse really!

The chargrilled red pepper paste is from Sainsbury's and its addictive stuff! Add's a real depth to dishes especially when chargrilling peppers on an electric hob is a bit of a no-no! I love the earthiness from mushrooms and the the tangy, tasty filling with a delicious cheesy crunch is a winning combination! I first discovered it late last year at a cookery event and its a regular ingredient now, I just wish it came in bigger jars!


2 large flat mushrooms
2 heaped tbsp fresh white breadcrumbs
2 tsp chargrilled red pepper paste
1 tsp basil paste or a few fresh leaves shredded up
2 tbsp mature cheddar grated

Pre-heat the Oven to 200o 

Trim and destalk the mushrooms, zap for a minute in the microwave to soften.

Place the cooked mushrooms with the remaining ingredients in a bowl, combine and stuff into the mushrooms.

Spray a little oil on foil lined tray and and bake for about 20-25 minutes or until cooked through and it smells delicious in your kitchen!

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  1. Ooh yes I adore these. We call them mushroom pizzas in our home! Yours look so pretty. I may have to make these tonight.


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