Monday, 27 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday

Last week has simply flown by! We managed to cook nearly everything as per last weeks plan which was good but I realised during the week that one of the new meds my GP gave me was proving detrimental to my mental health and upsetting my insides- when I go off my food I can tell something is up and so I have weaned off them till I can sort out a suitable replacement... got the usual mixture of nights and day shifts this week so some easy meals on the planner.

There were several great meals last week and recipes will follow soon - the chorizo stuffed squash was so tasty and appears again this week! I also got very messy on Saturday making something involving food dyes and that should be up by the end of the week!

Monday - Fish fingers, new potatoes, green beans 

Tuesday - Sausage casserole, made with chopped tomatoes, veg stock, carrots, pearl barley and leftover potato chunks. Cheesy bread to dunk

Wednesday - leftover casserole and leftover bread

Thursday - Tuna fishcakes, garlicky courgettes 

Friday - Chorizo and pistachio herb stuffed Butternut squash with harissa couscous  OR possibly a naughty takeaway!



  1. Friday's meal sounds delicious - I know I'd also be tempted by a takeaway too if I was cooking though!

  2. How have I only just found your blog Anne? I don't know! But I'm so glad I have :)


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