Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday Meal Plan

Mrs M is so right in her opening line this week over at her meal planning post- it does feel like January is dragging itself out! And there are still 11 days to go..!  I am not sure if its lack of sunlight or that the Dr upped my painkillers but I am finding meal planning essential as some days I just cannot make decisions!! Fortunately there have been some good things to break up the month! Last week saw a belated Christmas Meal with a girlfriend - with a surprise 25% off our food too - I was given a voucher in December, and it was only to be opened when the bill came so it was quite exciting waiting to find out how much of our feast we would be paying for!

At the weekend me and B spent a leisurely day up in London, a quick spin around the National Gallery before a tasty Dim Sum lunch with friends in Chinatown, stocking up on groceries then doing battle with a tube map and bus stops navigating to Camden (oh the joy of weekend engineering work..) and whilst there we bought some nice pictures for the walls after probably driving the poor sales assistant insane as I kept changing my mind what pieces I wanted put together! I'm very pleased with my final choice though!

Moving onto this weeks meal plans, I have not finalised Thursday yet - we have put out dinner invites but waiting for confirmation so that may well change! I also have a few night shifts to contend with and in no doubt the Chocolate Creme De Menthe cake I baked yesterday will vanish by dusk tonight!

Pollock and Sunblush tomato Crustless pizza with Rocket Salad
Bacon Chops with Cauliflower cheese, Roasted tomatoes and part baked rolls
Chorizo stuffed Butternut Squash With Couscous
So far its Pork. 
Leftover Pork into Noodles

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  1. Everything sounds fab!! I am liking the sound of the Pollock! Yum x


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