Thursday, 6 October 2011

Why you should always write down what went in..

What type of Blogger are you? Do you get an idea, plan your dish from the start to the final photo, or like me make something, realise its actually rather great then try and remember what went in, and when, then go to take a photo with your lovely new toy but the camera battery has gone dead after being unused since you moved home last month?

Last night I really couldn't decide to what to eat for my dinner. The latest cold that's doing the rounds is trying to sink its teeth into my immune system, which had my head all blurred and I threw together some lentils, frozen spinach and a few other random cupboard finds and prayed a little it would be edible...

And typically it turned out rather blooming tasty and I have only a vague memory of what went in, and when. It's gorgeously creamy, with hints of spice and despite being neat free, is very filling and satisfying.

Fortunately I did have some remaining working braincells and made enough for my lunch today, tomorrow and another stashed in the freezer so I can extend my enjoyment of the dal for a little while longer!

So until I recreate this really rather delicious dal, I shall leave you with a photo to enjoy. Taken from my phone as I've still not charged the camera ;-)


  1. Hi Anne - my blogged recipes are for baking, so I'm always following a recipe and only make small changes, such as pecans instead of almonds, which won't change the way the recipe works.

    I have to admit that a lot of my meals are a bit like your dal though - I couldn't make the same thing again as the seasoning etc is done by taste and what goes in is determined by what's in the fridge or pantry rather than a recipe.

  2. Sounds just like what happens to me most of the time! So then I make the dish again this time for blogging and it never turns out quite as good as the first time!!! ; )The dal looks delish!xxx

  3. Good photo considereing it's from your camera!
    And YES! I am always fiddling with recipes and not writing what I've done to it down on paper.

  4. hey i like your blog I just started writing my food blog and really need some readers so would be most grateful if you followed my blog

  5. Um, yeah--we must've been separated at birth! :)

  6. Hi I followed over from healthy supplies twitter link Im @pooohbear2811 and blog as fun-as-a-gran. some nice stuff on here.

  7. Thanks Suelle, I am mostly disciplined with baking recipes but everything else is on a whim mostly as to what needs eating!

    Tracey - glad am not alone! I fear remaking this as know it won't be the same!

    Nic - thanks! And again, glad am not the only one! My notes after are awful, will have to scan them in next time will make you laugh!

    Atastymorsel - welcome to blogging :)

    Jenni - lots of kindred spirits here :-)

    supergran - am now following you on twitter, thanks!


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