Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Creamy Turkey and Broccoli Pasta bake

My dearest readers - apologies but this is yet another meal I cooked from the previously unpublished archives but it doesn’t mean it was a bad dish by any means, in fact it was rather delicious! Being newly single after many years of cooking for two, and more, along with working overtime, and studying, it doesn't leave much time for cooking anything particularly new and blogworthy but I will be back in gear soon now things are falling into place, and come November I am hoping to bring you some rather exciting posts that I have lined up, so please bear with me! 

As previously mentioned on Anne's Kitchen, I am a big fan of turkey - providing it is of course cooked well! We all have had experiences I am sure of suffering dried up turkey for three weeks post the Christmas season; however it doesn’t have to be that way! One bonus of turkey being so lean, is that you can sort of justify adding more cheese or other naughty but nice delights to the dish, its all about balance you know ;-)

This rather economical pasta bake was made with strips of turkey breast, I gently fried them until golden brown, then mixed into a white sauce, which was made using a mixture of milk and vegetable stock (made from Marigold bouillon), plus a little wholegrain mustard to give it a boost in flavour. To be honest nowadays if I can get away with adding wholegrain mustard to a dish, it goes in! The broccoli was added to fusilli pasta when it was nearly cooked, to save on using an extra pan, and was from the freezer. Frozen broccoli is not my favourite of frozen vegetables, however used in this manner you really can't tell the difference and its about a third cheaper compared to fresh, plus no chopping involved!

Once everything was mixed in nicely, it was topped with a generous helping of grated mature cheddar and baked until all golden and crispy on top. 

I can’t honestly remember any exact quantities but I do remember it tasting good, and I always feel pasta bakes don’t require exact measurements, just go with the flow and hopefully the above rough instructions give you an idea!


  1. Thrown together dishes, that's my kinda cookin' -- I hate precise measurements and methods anyway, they make me nervous. This looks very nice indeed. (Also, I have my broadband back, hooray!!!)

  2. I love the sound of this bake and am a fan of turkey too but don't cook it nearly often enough. This would be the perfect comfort food for these chillier evenings.

  3. Looks and sounds good Anne.

    I think I have missed what you are studying for?

  4. Skyler - glad to see you back and that your broadband is fixed! I get very nervous with precise measurements too!

    Antonia - It is good comfort food, though with the stock/ milk combo you can kid yourself is healthy enough for summer ;-)

    Helen - glad you like! I have started resitting my Maths and English gcse's feel about 16 again!


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