Saturday, 30 August 2008

Market Gems and Blueberry Love

Finding myself in town this morning I stopped in the market and picked up two lovely cauliflowers, some leeks, parsnips, broccoli, peppers, a cucumber, some giant peaches and nectarines, 2 tubs raspberries for £1 and the ultimate bargain - 3 tubs of blueberries for £1! I was admitedely laiden like a cart horse but managed to get everything home in one piece!

Wanting to show the berries at their finest I made a cheesecake:

However I was too eager and added the slightly hot jelly topping too soon, which stirred up some of the creamy mixture!

I am sure come tomorrow when served as pudding will be fine! Have used both sweetmeal digestives and ginger nuts in the base, smelt pretty good so heres hoping! (It was very very good and all went!)

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