Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Its A Wrap!

Now don't get me wrong, I know they are popular but I just really don't 'do' sandwiches, especially the ready made variety, two slices of white cheap bread with an indifferent filling smothered in cheap mayo, no thankyou! However this week we had some wraps that needing using up and not wanting to waste decided to have for my lunches.

Here are two easy, quick and tasty ideas for lunchtimes:

Wrap 1 - take half a tin of mixed salad beans and drain well, smother a (herby) tortilla wrap with low fat soft cheese (I like sainsburys BGTY one!), place the drained beans on one half and roll up carefully from that end snugly, until rolled up, slice in half and eat! Surprisingly tasty for something very simple. The leftover beans can be kept for up to 2 days in the fridge.

Wrap 2 - Thinly slice 4 closed cup mushrooms, heat 1 tsp olive oil in a frying pan, add a bashed clove of garlic and when browning discard, now fry the mushrooms for no more than 2-3 mins until a nice golden colour, drain on kitchen paper until cooled, season with black pepper and a pinch of chives if you have them, smother the wrap with low fat soft cheese and place mushrooms on half of it then roll from that end, slice as before and serve.


  1. Like you I find sandwiches boring. These are great ideas for lunches and will have to try them.

  2. The poor fourth Earl of Sandwich is rolling over in his wrap, ah shroud. ;-) I feel I must defend the sandwich, though I'm not a gambler.

    Wraps, which we used to call tortillas, meaning torta, sandwhich, and illa, meaning little, tortillas, little sandwhich, are fine. Burrito, donkey, is a California invention, not Mexican. Just like maki is fine. Smörgåstårtor is also great. Though we can just call them Smörgås, meaning bread and butter. And open face sandwich. I love arepas with or without filling. Yum.

    So, I know you said the commercial kind, stinky white bread, but nothing beats a well made sandwich. Even white bread, well made, has its place in bread lore. i should say, especially white bread.

    How about homemade rye bread, fried egg, bacon in a sandwich for breakfast. How about a homemade kaiser roll with roast beef, sharp dark mustard, honey mustard even, with a great emmenthaler and some freshly picked Roma tomato? The possibilities are endless. You just need great ingredients.

    I used to make sandwiches out of my cheese brioche. Yummer. What about Raclette sandwiches. Double yummer. With cornish! Out of my mind yummy.

    Love the blog. Keep it up. I think I may do a sandwich special.


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