Thursday, 7 August 2008

A Labour of Love

Last night I decided to make my own pastry, now I make shortcrust all the time so no issue there, its now safely tucked up in the fridge to turn into my bacon, spinach and tomato flan tonight: However I decided some kitchen therapy was in order and decided to make Puff-pastry, something I had not done in years and after carefully reading the recipe last night realised I hadn't actually made it properly before!!

Nearly 3 hours from start to finish and lots and lots of layers later, I have now a rather lovely, if I do say so myself, block of puff pastry waiting to be used tonight to make these divine little thai sausage rolls from :

*Well they both look great! The pastry was spot on so thank you Good Housekeeping! The puff rose beautfully and was light, buttery and crisp round the spicy filling, of course we had to sample one or two just to test ;-) and the trim of the shortcrust pastry was lovely and 'short' and crumbly - will post pictures later

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