Thursday, 17 July 2008

Holiday Food Memories

Whilst daydreaming driving into the office this morning (as usual!) I started thinking about old holidays and what we had eaten, before I became ever so slightly obsessed with food and recalled the time me and a girlfriend, aged 16 went on holiday to Devon armed with £50 for the week, staying in a B&B arranged through my friends Dad....

Oh my we ate some erm interesting combinations! In particular a favourite was Heinz tinned cold spaghetti bolognese, in buttered rolls! I think that was lunch about 3 days running. As my room was not sun facing and therefore the coolest, the butter stayed in my wardrobe, for the week!

Nearly every morning we missed the B&B breakfast (you had to order the night before your choices but we always forgot!) and so we went across the park to a slightly hippy place that had ying and yang signs up and beaded curtains and ate just cooked pale crumpets and jam for about 99p, bargain!

There was a small Somerfield nearby which became our staple food supplier for the week and even better they didnt ask for ID when purchasing a cheap bottle of Carolans aka Fake Baileys which we drank slightly warm out of 99p mugs from the local woolies!

We even managed a few lunches in a cafe on the seafront, mainly because there was a cute waiter serving! If I recall correctly we always had a tuna jacket potato..

For £50 each we did pretty well that week, especially as we managed two evening meals out at a Chinese and an Indian restaurant. I think now (ten years on) £50 would probably last just one night!


  1. Its scary when you think just how much food prices have increased. I was 16 9 years ago (got thats scary!) and remember getting 99p rolls from my local bakery filled to the brim with the filling of your choice. They now cost over 3 quid!! Mum and Dad often took my brother and me out for dinner at local pubs and resuarants - I doubt we'll be able to afford to do that regularly with our children!!

  2. Hi Beth!

    Your comment about the rolls in particular reminds me of when I was at college and there was a small bakers nearby, I used to get a freshly made plain tuna and cucumber poppyseed roll for about 79p! no chance of that now unfortunately :(

  3. When I was a student I used to eat lots of bizarre combinations (including heinz bolognaise sandwich!) and food was certainly cheeper back then.

  4. hi jules! glad we were not the only ones with spag bol sarnies!!


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